5 Ways to Use Word Cloud for Your Digital Marketing Campaign

May 28, 2018 0 By Andrew

Word cloud is an amazing tool that many love to play around with. What is a word cloud exactly? It is an image composed of or superimposed with words from content that you have submitted to the tool. Sometimes the size of the individual word in the word cloud indicates its frequency and importance. That said, word clouds can be a very useful tool in digital marketing such as in CRO, content creation, keyword targeting, etc.

Creating Blog Images with Word Cloud:

Finding images for your blog posts and social media posts can be problematic and time-consuming. The fact that most of today’s available images are protected by copyright and restrict usage, you need to find alternatives. But then again, you need an image for your blog post because social media posts and blogs with images have higher engagement. So, to save yourself your time and money just feed your new blog post or its keywords into a word cloud maker and create a unique and free image for your content.

Evaluation of Value Proposition:

Word clouds are an amazing tool to evaluate your value proposition messages that are embedded in your content. With this, you can check how well are you able to communicate your brand messages. You can also use your social media content and website content to find out. Creating a word cloud from your social media content and webpage content will reveal the theme as well as the most common message that is occurring most often. You will realize if this corresponds to how you want to perceive your brand. Moreover, you can analyze your Professional LinkedIn profile as well as Yelp profile to find out what your customers think of your products and services.

Keyword Audit:

Word cloud is a great SEO tool that will help you to instantly indicate which words are most prominent in marketing content, which in turn will help you in your keyword audit. You will also find out how Google or other search engines are likely to assess your content.

Competitor Analysis:

Just like you could evaluate yourself using word clouds or tag clouds, you can also assess your competitor’s strategy using word clouds. Simply plug in your competitors content into a word cloud and find out the keywords they are targeting. Alos find out how consistently do they communicate their value propositions. You can do the same with your social media content as well.

Assessing Customer Feedback:

Customer conversations are a great source of feedback be it telephone calls, live chat or emails, as well as reviews. You could create a word cloud by collecting all the customer conversation from multiple channels and feed it into the word cloud generator. This way, you will get a quick and clear insight of what your customers think of your products and services. This is particularly helpful for A/B testing.

Word clouds are flexible and free tools that help in a lot of activities. From making reports to giving presentations, creating t-shirt prints and more, you can reap maximum benefits from this free tool.